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PES-25: Animal friendly and human

As from January 2012 onwards the European legislation forbids the use of crushing or any other animal-unfriendly method when killing animals. The PES-25 thus is a very ‘humane’ alternative which has been endorsed by various European reports.

The PES-25 machine is a system which enables the continuous euthanasia of day-old chicks within a production line. The main advantage of the PES-25 is the fact that the euthanised day-old chicks remain intact when leaving the machine. They thus can be used as food for other animals in zoos, pet shops and so on. Day-old chicks have a high nutritional value for other animals. They have a low fat content and they are rich in proteins and vitamins when being euthanised this way.

High quality and user-friendly

This machine is entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304. It has a blasted frame. The cover panels are made of polished P240. After years of examination and after having built various machines we succeeded in optimizing the user-friendliness of the PES-25.

The reactions of our customers about our systems speak for themselves.

Maintenance and Cleaning

You can easily clean the machine. To rinse all parts of the PES-10 you just have to remove the cover panels. The conveyor system can be fully dismantled within 30 minutes if required and subsequently can be thoroughly cleaned (for example in case of a bacterial infection).

Technical specifications PES-25:

System : fully continuous by means of conveyor belts
Capacity : max 30.000 day-old chicks per hour
Cycle time : 3 to 4 minutes (adjustable)
Application : large amounts of day-old chicks
Users : (medium) large hatcheries
Dimensions : l x w x h 4.445 x 1.155 x 1.975 mm
Input : 320 x 750 mm
Work space : 8.50 m2
Weight : 1.550 kg
Connection : 380V 3-phase + 0 + grounding C-form, 16A 5-pole

Gas : CO2 or Argon.
Usage : approx. 10 kg per hour/ per 1.000 chicks approx.. 0,33 kg
Time setting : adjustable from 3 to 8 min
Material : stainless steel AISI 304
Finishing : P240 polished sheeting, blasted frame
Security : external gas valve protection, plug connection, monitoring surrounding area
CE : approved according to the 2006/42EG directive, modifications executed according this directive
Optional : Argon version
:rotation of the control panel

Our systems comply with
the European directives

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