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Poultry Euthanasia System (PES) originated in the previous century, more precisely in 1999. It all started with a request from the firm AGA gas. They contacted us because of our expertise in developing (unique) machinery and asked if we could build a machine that made it possible to put day-old chicks down in a humane way.

Their request was prompted by the market’s growing interest in animal welfare.

Subsequently the NAM, the Wageningen University and the University of Cologne jointly reflected on an appropriate solution. A number of prototypes and frequent tests and experiments finally resulted into a well-functioning machine. In the subsequent years several improvements have been made. Today we are proud to announce that we succeeded in developing the optimal machine line to euthanise day-old chicks in the most animal-friendly way. Customers particularly value the reliability and the safety when handling the machine.

In-house production

The entire production takes place in our own premises which enables us to offer customers the highest level of quality and support. Our in-house product specialists represent years of experience with regard to machinery. It enables us to guarantee a quick and efficient production in order to meet the customer needs. Modifications or specific demands are always open to discussion and most of the time they are feasible too.

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