Poultry Euthanasia System

With respect to animal welfare

PES: Animal friendly and human

The ‘Poultry Euthanasia System’ (PES), is a fully in-house developed system enabling to put small poultry down (euthanise) in a humane way. The urge to introduce this kind of system was partly related to the European legislation forbidding to kill animals by means of crushing or in any other animal-unfriendly way as from January 2012 onwards.

We took up the challenge and subsequently developed a ‘humane’ alternative. Our Poultry Euthanasia System is unique in its kind and indispensable for poultry farmers and veterinarians who operate in a responsible way. Several European institutions have thoroughly tested and evaluated our system and have endorsed it in their reports.

Our system has been developed from a poultry farmer’s perspective. Consequently our PES system is not only humane but also easy to operate, easy to clean, safe to use and very user-friendly.

Our systems:


Capacity 9,000 day-old chicks per hour


Capacity 18,000 day-old chicks per hour


Capacity 30,000 day-old chicks per hour


Capacity 45,000 day-old chicks per hour

Quietly falling asleep:

Our humane systems by default make use of the cheap CO2 gas and thus are cost-effective. Argon or a combination of CO2 and Argon however is also possible if required.

Both the possibility to apply different kinds of anaesthetic gases and the ability to adjust the percentage of gas make our system applicable all over the world;

You have total control of the amount of gas being used. The percentage of gas is digitally shown on the front of the machine which implies an extra control.
The handling system automatically keeps the percentage at the level required. The risk of an incorrect percentage of gas is non-existent. The animals thus quietly fall asleep.

Easy to clean:

Our unique system has a stainless steel frame with an integrated command panel which prevents bacteria from adhering to the system. The machine can easily be cleaned after use without having to dismantle it.

The entirely stainless steel case and the waterproof handling system make it possible to thoroughly rinse the machine.The water automatically flows through the specific cleaning drain.

What users say about our systems:

“I am extremely satisfied with my system. Has worked for years, never breaks down and does what it is supposed to do. An added bonus is that the machine is easy to clean.”

Peter de Vrije, Barneveld

“Solid systems that help us with this issue of euthanizing our chicks. We got to hear about these systems through word of mouth and started talking. Out of that quickly came a good recommendation which gave us confidence which they have lived up to.”

Chantel van der Meer, Uitgeest

“Friendly and technically savvy people on the team who know what they are talking about. I would recommend anyone to go and talk to them about these systems. I’m glad I got in touch with them.”

Henk Uiterwaarde, Langeveld

“In our laboratory we use the smallest system and it meets all our safety requirements. We are very content with the PES-06”

Jeroen van der Brinke, Haarlemmermeer

Safety for you and your team

Your safety and the safety of your team are of paramount importance to us. Safety is one of the main features of our system. On the front side of the machine you can find a door or hatch giving access to the loading opening. The hermetic closure of the system creates a completely gastight space. The safety of the operators is guaranteed due to the fact that the access door cannot be opened during the cycle. Consequently there is no possibility for the gas to escape. In the unlikely event the gas nevertheless escapes this will be noticed by the additional external sensor (off the PES-10). If the sensor detects gas, the system will shut down and the gas supply will stop immediately.

These precautions make a safe and reliable system to work with. The cycle starts the moment you push the start button. The animals end up in a space  being gradually filled with CO2 gas. This secure process will take three minutes at least which in general is more than sufficient to euthanise animals in a humane way. The chicks quickly get unconscious and die without suffering pain. Once the cycle has come to an end you can remove or empty the crates and reload the machine.

Survey of the advantages:

  • Our systems comply with all European directives

  • It is the most animal-friendly system for a poultry farmer of veterinarian

  • Your poultry is being treated in a humane way

  • The system is safe for you and your team

  • High quality, few maintenance, easy and quick cleaning

  • Different dimensions meaning we have the right system for every poultry farmer and veterinarian

  • The use of CO2 gas lowers your costs

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